My Story

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My Story

Elisha – Elaine M.Rennie

        On October 6, 2001, Elaine appeared on the “famous stars”:“Stars In Their Eyes” with “Belinda Carlisle, A1 & Boy George”. Belinda complimented Elaine highly for her performance, singing her number one hit “Heaven is a place on earth”.

        Elaine is a singer, songwriter and musician.  She has a beautiful voice with a vibrato you will remember when hearing it.  She plays both acoustic and electric guitars and some times she even play drums.  Elaine has written hundreds of songs (Warner Brothers once approached her to buy one of them).sony have been near to giving her a record deal after 5 meetings with them.

        Elisha – Elaine M.Rennie was born in Paisley next to Glasgow, Scotland,
but she has spent most of her life living in the North-East of England.

Elaine started off her singing career by busking at the Big Market in Newcastle were she was the “local star” having bus-loads driving from further than Leeds to see her performance.
Elaine has been singing at several local Pubs and Nightclubs and various stages and has been performing at many festivals, boats, ships,: Colour Line.
Elaine sang for manager of the month – Peter Reid, Sunderland – on a TV show broadcasted all over Europe, AND appeared in the charts as number 52 with Sunderland Football – “Reidie`s Boys”.
In December 1998 Elaine met with Chris Evans, spent several hours together with him and participated on his breakfast show. She meets record companies.
Elaine is recently in Norway where she has been successfully doing a tour with the Norwegian Army. Singing in Norway,Boznia,Budapest,pecs.croatia.Hungry,Germany.

Elaine also sang on tv in florida.
.  Elaine is constantly writing and recording her own songs.

”. “Stars In Their Eyes”
Elaine won her heat as Belinda Carlisle singing “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” on ITV’s “Stars in Their Eyes” – watched by up to 12 million viewers.
In the grand finals she received 174.800 votes and became third – seen on TV by 15 – 20 million people.  She received both a personal fax and flowers from Belinda Carlisle – AND Elaine had a personal meeting with her after Belinda Carlisle’s concert in South Shields.she has now met Belinda 5 times.Belinda praised her up on tv.
Elaine has been seen much in media after her appearance on “Stars In Their Eyes” and has been predicted a great future in music.  Her goal is to record her own songs, get them to the charts and then help others to do the same

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I have a few albums.

I opened up the tall trees for sunderland university and they paid my flight from Norway to do big gigs for them.i met joules Holland there.

I sang for a year and a half every fri and sat night on the tuxedo royal floating nightclub on the river tyne.the millionair liked my voice and offered me the job.

Ive sang for millionaires,and famous people especially in Norway.

I sang in florida on tv for half hour with interview.

I sang in lanzeroti beach club 5 star hotel night club as Belinda Carlisle tribute act for a week

I sang in germany,Norway,Sweden,florida,bosnia,croatia,Budapest,hungry,pecs,uk,france,and many other countries

I was on French tv,and Norway tv repeatedly swinging and on radio constantly.

I was on booze Britain singing one of my own songs for 2 years almost daily.

I have sang on cruise ships a little,colour line,dfds seaways,on boats.going to Norway and germany and Sweden.

I sang at the great north run 6 years.

I was number 3 in the club charts with leave a light on dance mix 2 years ago.

I am now number 2 in the dance club charts with we want the same thing.

I play most instrumens,guitar,drums,bit keyboard,mandalin,banjo etc

Ive wanted to be a popo star for as long as I can first memory is singing into the mirror with my hairbrush saying “when I get big Im going to be a pop star”,

in october 2000 i had a car crash and died and went to heaven and met god and jeus who gave me the choice to go back to earth,and i is the newspaper clipping telling all about it:


IMG_0178photos old digital camera to 2010 588photos old digital camera to 2010 627reunion

here are some of the car crash photos where i died and was brought back to life.i have a metal plate in my arm now. best


Elaine Rennie

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I wanted to have more children, but because I was overweight, the fertility clinic and my doctor explained that I needed to lose weight to have any chance of conceiving. I decided to start an Ideal Weight plan on the recommendation of two friends.

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My sessions have taught me that I really can achieve my weight loss goals, and that keeping focused and sticking at it is possible. Ideal Weight is helping me maintain my weight loss, and now I look at food differently, like eating when I’m hungry and not when I’m feeling emotional.

My passion in life is singing, and after seeing slimmer photos of me, I have been signed to a record label and currently have a single in the pop charts and a new video. When I was overweight, I had no energy and felt constantly exhausted, but now I feel like I’m 18 years old again and it’s given me a new lease of life.

Being overweight was risking my life, but now I feel like I could live forever. Not only do I look good, but I’ve got my confidence back after feeling embarrassed and ashamed of the way I looked when I was fat.

For anyone thinking about joining Ideal Weight, I’d say do it right away and stick to it, you can do it. If I can do it, you can too! It will change your life forever and you’ll feel like a brand new person, inside and out.









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The Real Deal – ‘Heaven is a place on Earth’ – Elaine’s Story

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    I just heard your new song and seen your video. you have a very beautiful voice.

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